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The UK’s private rented sector is growing by around 260,000 households every year.
Neighbour aims to be the UK’s industry leader for private rentals – by offering rented homes that are fully managed, highly affordable and hassle-free to live in.
  • Investment Case
    Neighbour is seeking equity to help us bring to market well designed, affordable and fully managed apartment-living communities. We want to be the industry leader for private rentals in the UK, so we have created a brand that stands for apartment living at its neighbourly best. The team behind Neighbour previously delivered a 20,000-unit private rentals investment vehicle in Scandinavia and Germany.

    All Neighbour assets will be acquired off-plan through forward funding – with no direct development risk. We are targeting near-prime locations with a strong local economy, good transport connections to central London or other major city centres and strong projected capital and rental value growth over 5-10 years.
We plan to acquire around 10,000 rental units over the next five years, starting with four sites in Greater London during 2015.

£250 – £650

Per square foot
capital values

£15 – £30

Per square foot
rented values
per annum


Ungeared IRR over
the development
and hold period


Equity IRR over
the development
and hold period


Gross yield
on stabilization


Equity multiple


Senior debt LTC
during forward
funding phase


Senior debt LTC
after stabilisation


Net yield on stabilisation

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