About Close
We believe in apartment living that’s good for everyone.
We’re Neighbour.
Architecture for all
Apartments that make good design available to everyone.
Instant interiors
A furniture catalogue that helps you to kit out your space.
Designed for everyone
Beautiful home for all kinds of people.
Great connections
Locations with good transport connections and local amenities.
You’re In Control
The do-it-yourself lease.
Regular Reinvestment
Apartments that never get old.
The Neighbour team
Instead of a landlord, a support team made up of friendly, approachable people.
Insert your life
Apartments with flexible layouts.

Life demands flexibility. We believe you should demand the same from your space.

Flexible apartment layouts.
Adaptable design features.
Furniture pack options.

  • That’s why we have designed our entire rented apartments concept around options that put people in control of how they want to live.

    We believe you should be able to choose a floor plan that’s a good fit for your household’s needs. With built-in design features that make it easy to adapt. And access to a catalogue of furniture that we’ve hand-selected to look great in your space and gel with your personal taste.

    And live among like-minded people. That’s why we have set aside floors just for families with young children. Social floors for those who want to meet people and mingle. Quiet floors for those who simply value their peace.

We believe there’s more flexibility for everyone when we’re all in it together.

Storage spaces. Parking spaces.
Social spaces. Bike storage.
A shared car in the car park.
  • So we’ve packed in the extras that will be there when you need them, at a group discounted cost – but which won’t cost you a thing when you don’t.

    Storage spaces. Parking spaces. Social spaces that can be reserved for a gathering. A shared car in the car park, which is yours for the length of your shop run – to bring back that new TV or that new pram and pink fluffy elephant.

    And because life inevitably brings changes that no amount of extra storage space can address, we believe sizing your apartment up or down should be as easy as moving your plants and set of dumbbells in to an equally well-designed apartment one floor up on the lift.
Easy deliveries
Secure drop boxes for online shopping deliveries.
Affordable handyman
A reliable handyman service that’s on call whenever you need it.
Easy to book parking
A parking space that’s yours for as long (or as short) as you need it.
Perfect-fit storage
On-site storage units in a variety of sizes.
Cycle-friendly design
Secure bicycle storage that’s part of the architecture.
The My Neighbour App
A control panel for your life.
A car for everyone
Shared cars in the car park.
Safer spaces
Advanced security that makes outdoor areas safer – so even mum can relax.

We believe in buildings that are climate wise and therefore budget smart.

Rooftop gardens.
Social events.
Multipurpose spaces. Communal areas.
  • That's why we are finding ways to increase quality of life without skyrocketing prices. Like new kinds of insulation that help keep the air temperature even and your electricity bills low.

    And we believe in putting as much effort into the design of our communal areas as we do the design of your flat, to create areas that work for everyone and create a sense of excitement, maybe even outright delight.

    Like a natural rooftop that bears fruit, maybe cucumbers too. And which is designed to bear witness to an evening with friends, a first kiss, a big family picnic.